HQ88 – Pulse Diagnosis with Ann Cecil Sterman

In this brilliant episode we managed to cover a lot of ground with Ann Cecil Sterman – where we talked about dynamic pulse diagnosis, and how actively taking the pulse allows a practitioner to derive conclusions about how the organs are interacting with each other.

We covered so much more than just dynamic pulse diagnosis. We got to hear about Ann’s life mission, her passion and even how she plays in a professional orchestra from time to time.

We also got into the nitty gritty on the “other channels” that are often forgotten about. Ann discusses how they are very powerful and an essential part of every acupuncturists toolkit that should be learned about and not be ignored.

And of course the question of dosage for acupuncture – how often should we be giving acupuncture to our patients in order to get them an optimal outcome? And what to do if your treatment that should be working isn’t working.

Ann Cecil Sterman is a long time student of Dr Jeffrey Yuen, and has a busy practice in Manhattan New York where she focuses on treating chronic degenerative diseases. She has published 2 books: Advanced Acupuncture, A Clinic Manual, Protocols for the Sinew, Luo, Divergent and Eight Extraordinary Channels, and The Art of Pulse Diagnosis. Ann’s teaching schedule can be found here.

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