HQ47 – Shang Han Lun with Arnaud Versluys

Who better to have a chat with about Han Dynasty medicine than the King of Shang Han Lun himself – Arnaud Versluys.

We talk about how he went from a standard TCM education to being a practitioner who exclusively practices classical herbal medicine. Phiona and Clare asked Arnaud about many aspects of Han Dynasty medicine, including the use of acupuncture alongside Han dynasty herb formulas, the best translation of the Jing Gui Yao Lue, and whether he thinks it’s worth it to learn to read Chinese and be able to understand the texts for yourself.

We speculate on rumors that Arnaud will write a book on Shang Han Lun – he promises that he has it on the agenda!

And of course we get into some detailed discussion of some aspects of Shang Han Lun theory. Something for everyone in this episode!

Following these links you can find more information about Arnaud, his clinical practice and his upcoming seminars and lectures.

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