HQ42 Taking Time Off, Maternity Leave and Extended Trips Away from Clinic

Are you walking the walk when it comes to getting your work-life balance right? Are you taking enough time off?

For many practitioners it’s tricky to get the right balance between work and leisure.

What’s the best way to take time off without having a negative affect on your business? It’s a common occurrence for practitioners – you take some much needed time off from clinic – only to return to find that your patient numbers have dropped.

Women in particular can have a stressful time in planning for maternity leave – it can be hard to know exactly when will be a good time to finish up work, and when you think you’ll be ready to return to work is often not the time you thought you’d be coming back.

And what about regular time off – like sick leave? Do you go to work when you’re so sick you should really stay at home? Can you afford to take a day off work and still be able to pay the bills when they come rolling in?

Some get locums, some working in group practices have other practitioners to cover for them, others just close down their clinic for their holiday and reopen on their return. We talk about it all in this episode, and whilst we don’t profess to have all the answers, Phiona and Clare talk about what has and hasn’t worked in their particular circumstances in the past.

We would love to hear about the challenges you have faced, and how you went about dealing with it. Was it a success? Would you do it again differently next time?

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