HQ41 – Stems and Branches Acupuncture with Joan Duveen

We as humans are manifestations of the universal spark, and when the universal spark fragments, it radiates energy from Heaven outward towards us, and it is up to us as human beings to answer back to Heaven with our thoughts, our actions, our feelings and emotions. The more we are focused on our desires, frustrations, anger – the more we are not connected to that connection. The more we are connected to the Heavenly energy the more we are connected to our true nature.

In this episode we go into some of the intricacies of stems and branches theory – as Joan Duveen shares his 3 decades of clinical experience in using this approach with his patients.

  • The important influence Dr van Buren had in the teaching of stems and branches
  • How to apply knowledge of the 4 pillars in a clinical setting
  • How stems and branches can be used with fertility patients
  • The relationship between Zheng Qi, stems and branches, and the connection to our true nature
  • How to make the adjustments in the calculations for the Southern Hemisphere.

Joan Duveen commenced his studies in Chinese medicine in 1975, and studied and worked closely with Dr van Buren for many years. Joan is practising in Netherlands and lecturing internationally on a regular basis.

He will be holding a seminar on Stems and Branches acupuncture in Melbourne, Australia from July 21st-24th. Tickets can be purchased from the event organiser Qiology.

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