HQ39 – Thyroid Treatment with Chinese Medicine

In this week’s episode, Phiona and Clare go through the foundations of how to treat thyroid disorders from an integrative TCM perspective. From start to finish – from the basics of what the thyroid is doing, what the thyroid blood tests mean, what the optimal reference ranges are and how to use that information in your clinic.

They discuss the importance of formulating a proper TCM diagnosis to ensure your acupuncture treatment and herbal formulas are targeting your patient’s pathology in just the right way.

Clare and Phiona discuss a range of integrative approaches to treating the thyroid, including addressing heavy metals, the importance of selenium, zinc and other nutrients. Also the right way and the wrong way for patients to be supplementing with iodine, especially if they have Hashimoto’s.

We mentioned it’s a good idea to go back and refresh yourself on the episodes we did with Heiner Fruehauf on gu syndrome – episodes 24 & 25.

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