HQ34 Lifecycles of a Practitioner with Greg Bantick

We don’t talk about the tough times. New practitioners feel overwhelmed and their education can feel inadequate when they find themselves at the coalface of clinical practice.

Practitioners get burnt out. Practitioners get depressed. Some quit the profession. Some contemplate suicide.

Let’s talk about this.

In today’s episode, we have a real conversation with Greg Bantick about the realities of being a practitioner, and the different cycles we can experience throughout our careers.


Greg Bantick is a highly esteemed senior practitioner who started his studies in Chinese medicine in 1975, and has spent the past 41 years highly engaged in the teaching and practice Chinese medicine both in Australia and in USA. Greg was part of a small group that established the first acupuncture college in Brisbane, Australia in the late 70s, and held senior rolesĀ at the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine and theĀ Seattle Institute of Oriental Medicine. He has been in clinical practice since the 70s and is currently practicing in Brisbane, Australia.