HQ31 – Master Tung Acupuncture with Brad Whisnant


Master Tung acupuncture points are named like GPS coordinates, point name 88.25 tells us information about which limb we are looking at and how far up the limb to go to find the point. Channel theory names points with a “stress address”, point name GB31 tells us which location along the gall bladder channel.

Master Tung acupuncture is such a perfect fit for a modern day acupuncture clinic, and this week Brad Whisnant shares his passion for this style of acupuncture that was passed down in one of the most famous family lineages. It’s one of the most practical forms of acupuncture and is revered for its effectiveness.

A lot of the points used in the Tung system are located at or very nearby to regular body points, but often used in different or novel ways than the ways classically taught. We get right into the nitty gritty of Brad’s favorite and most used points, including 88.25-26, 2204 and 2205, san cha yi er san, gu ci yi er san, 88.12, 88.13 & 88.14 and 708, 709 & 710.

Don’t be fooled by the confusing point numberings – this is a great style of acupuncture to learn.

We also chat with Brad at the end about his tips for running a successful clinic. You can find his clinic details here.

Dr. Brad Whisnant is a native of Oregon, graduated from the Oregon College of Oriental Medicine and then later from Emperors college with his Doctorate of Acupuncture. He is an avid student of Dr. Jimmy Chang, Dr. Richard Tan and Master Tung’s Acupuncture system. Brad has authored 7 books on Master Tung which have been received with great success. You find his books on Amazon and his website at pinpointclinic.com.

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