HQ29 – Acupuncture Points as Friends

Do you have SJ4 on speed dial? Are you best friends with Hrt3? Do you have a good enough relationship with Kid16 that you could invite her over for dinner?

An evolving conversation that started one afternoon in the dispensary at clinic, Phi and Clare discuss the intricacies of each practitioner’s own unique relationship with various acupuncture points. They discuss their favourites from the point of view of the “not so famous” acupuncture points. And their ideas about how 2 different practitioners can use the same acupuncture points on the same person and have a different outcome.

Which points do you have a special relationship with? Have you cut ties with any particular points, or recently revived your relationship with other points?

Let us know what your favourite not-so-famous points are, how you use them, and how you came to know them so well. Join the discussion on our facebook page – we’d love to hear your thoughts.