HQ28 – Integrating Pathology into Your Chinese Medicine Practice with Clare Pyers

Kidney Yang deficiency, Liver Blood deficiency and many many other patterns can be staring right at you from within your patients “normal blood results”. Serum sodium levels below 140mmol/L can be an indicator of Kidney Yang deficiency. GGT levels below 15U/L can be a marker of Liver Blood or Liver Yin deficiency. Listen to the episode to find out more about ideal levels of TSH, eGFR, white blood cell count including monocytes, eosinophils and basophils and how these non-ideal levels can be understood from a Chinese medicine point of view.

This week Dr Clare Pyers is interviewed by Phi to discuss taking an integrative approach to Chinese medicine, and how she has created a diagnostic framework for interpreting blood tests into a chinese medicine understanding. Clare discusses her passion for staying true to Chinese medicine as she looks further afield into the world of naturopathy and functional medicine to find the pivot between conventional medicine and Chinese medicine.

Chinese medicine treatment approaches help to fill the gap created when patients are unwell, but not quite unwell enough that they fall into the purview of conventional medicine treatment approaches. Many patients have already had their blood tests done by the time they reach us in clinic, we can use these tests to help us to uncover missing pieces of the puzzle or to confirm or refine our treatment approach with our patients.

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Clare Pyers is a Chinese medicine practitioner based in Melbourne, Australia who has been in full time practice since 2005. Prior to studying Chinese medicine, Clare studied Chemical and Bioprocess Engineering. The result of combining these two very different career paths gives Clare a very practical, scientific approach that she integrates seamlessly with her heart centred and soul focused style of clinical practice. She has developed a framework for interpreting conventional blood test results into a Chinese medicine diagnosis, which is published in her iphone app and the October 2016 release of Integrative TCM Guide: Pathology text book. She has a series of webinars that gives practitioners a solid understanding of how they can start using this information in their clinics to improve their results with patients. In November 2018 she will be presenting at the IICMC conference in Melbourne, Australia.

During the episode Clare mentioned Dicken Weatherby’s “Blood Chemistry and CBC Analysis” which can be purchased from amazon.