HQ26 – MTHFR and Genetic Mutations with Phi Gitsham

The biggest mistake you can make with patients who have MTHFR mutations is to think that giving 5-MTHF supplement is all you need to do for them.

As well as maybe (or maybe not) taking 5-MTHF supplements, Phi covers the 9 other steps around harmonising methylation that are so important not to overlook. And how we can use the wisdom from within our medicine to help these patients to recover from health problems.

Join Phi and Clare in this discussion where Phi reveals how she has learned from her patients who were having severe reactions to B vitamins including nausea and anxiety and how that lead to her on a journey to gaining deep knowledge of MTHFR and other genetic mutations in order to be able to help this growing cohort of difficult patients who were coming to her.

phiBeginning her formal training 23 years ago, Phiona has studied for 8 years at university gaining two degrees, graduating in 2006 in Chinese Medicine and with a prior B.A in Drama, Dance and Music. Since graduating from Chinese Medicine she has also become an accredited practitioner of Nutrigenomics (nutrition for your genome). Prior to studying Chinese Medicine, she has also undertaken a 5 year shamanic healing apprenticeship focusing on shamanic counselling, hands on healing and shamanic journey meditations.

Phi currently resides in Boulder, CO and is consulting via Skype. Practitioners can work with Phi to get a greater understanding of their patients genetic mutations and how to optimise their outcomes with TCM. Phi can also work personally with your trickiest patients to get them better outcomes by providing integrative treatment that enhances their best genetic expression and supercharges your acupuncture and herbal treatment protocols. You can visit Phi’s website here for more information.


The training that Phi has taken was with Dr Ben Lynch via his online practitioner learning program at Seeking Health Institute.

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