HQ24 – Gu Syndrome with Heiner Fruehauf part 1

black magicBlack Magic. What to do if your patient seems cursed? They’ve been sick for a long time and don’t necessarily have positive tests for parasites or bacterial infection to justify their illness. Perhaps they’re not responding to your herbal formulas the way you think they should? Maybe they feel better for a few days and then relapse. It’s like an evil spell has been cast upon them and we need to effect change on more than just the physical layer. Chinese medicine classifies this knotted, deep seated condition as Gu Syndrome, and has a range of treatments dating back thousands of years.

There is little doubt that Heiner Fruehauf is a genius when it comes to treating Gu Syndrome, and in this week’s episode we were excited to be hearing some of the intricacies of identifying and treating Gu Syndrome. In part 1 we talk about the parameters we use for identifying Gu Syndrome, since it doesn’t necessarily fit any defined western medicine diagnosis.

Don’t worry – we got hold of Heiner to record part 2 of this episode – coming up next week where we discuss the finer details of treatment protocols, herbs to use and treatment timeframes.


Heiner has been practicing and teaching Chinese medicine for over 30 years, and has an active clinical practice in Columbia River Gorge area. He is also a founding professor of the College of Classical Chinese Medicine at the National University of Natural Medicine. You can find more of Heiner’s work at the following links:

Wildcrafted and sustainably sourced Chinese herbs and formulas can be purchased via http://www.classicalpearls.org/

Articles and academic resources and information about studying opportunities with Heiner can be found at http://www.classicalchinesemedicine.org/