HQ21 – Four Directions and Five Mythological Animals

4 directionsThe 4 directions are governed by animal symbols: The Red Vermillon Bird of the South, The Azure Dragon of the East, The White Tiger of the West, The Black Turtle of the North

The Yellow Dragon of the Centre oversees it all.

yellow dragon

Sit back and enjoy the ride as Jimi Wollumbin takes us on a journey to explore these majestic symbols that explain the processes of life. These mythopoetic underpinnings emerged from the hunter gatherer cultures of ancient China and over time evolved into the Wu Xing that we are more familiar with today. Jimi Wollumbin studied Eastern Philosophy and Religion at ANU before studying TCM, and in this discussion he shares his wealth of knowledge and passion of this topic in a way that left both Phi and I in a lovely lucid-dreaming like state. We hope you enjoy this episode as much as we did!

jimi wollumbin

Jimi Wollumbin practices in Uki in Northern NSW, Australia, and has 15yrs of clinical experience in Chinese medicine, Ayurveda and Persian. Further details of his clinical practice can be found here

Jimi is passionate about social causes and established the One Health organisation in 2005 which is the largest holistic and natural medicine based NGO in the world.