HQ19 – Different Diets to Help Your Patients Part 1

Phi and Clare love talking about food. Nutrition is one of those topics that really gets us fire up – and in this episode you can share in our deep passion and love for the intricacies of different food combinations for different patients.

berfooda triangle

This week Phi and Clare discuss the “Berfooda” Triangle – The nutritional Trifecta of Doom: gluten, dairy and cane sugar. Should our patients be eating gluten? Are some people ok with dairy? When should patients not have dairy products? What about cane sugar? In this episode Phi and Clare go in depth about all the aspects of these three common dietary components and how they can be detrimental (or useful) for your patients.

We love to talk about food so much that we barely scratched the surface – another 2 episodes will follow where we discuss the intricacies of paleo, autoimmune paleo, ketogenic diet approaches, low histamine, low tyramine and others. Stay tuned next week for part 2 of our nutrition discussion.

Meanwhile, here is a great article about the dangers of margarine, and further info on why margarine is so terrible!

margarine flow chart

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