HQ15 – 10 Things Every Practitioner Should Know

cosmic receptionist

How do you get onto good terms with your cosmic receptionist? – and why do you even need a cosmic receptionist?

Expect that you will have feelings of competency that will wax and wane with time. Expect to have years where you will feel like you are totally nailing it. Then maybe a few years on, you will have periods of time where feel like you know nothing – as the universe sends you a bunch of patients to teach you the next layer of info.

Phi and Clare discuss these two topics, and 10 others, in this week’s episode of Heavenly Qi – What are the 10 things we wish you knew about practice before you started? These are the 10 things we think every practitioner should know – or will eventually work out for themselves. Would you add anything to this list? Do you have any wisdom to add? Let us know on our Facebook page – and contribute to the conversation.