HQ 56 Randine Lewis: Formation of the Soul in the 3 Stages of Pregnancy

The Daoists believe that life begins from stillness.

Take a moment for a pregnant pause, to appreciate the way the soul manifests, grows and develops throughout pregnancy.

To consider what is the curriculum that your soul has signed up for in this lifetime? What is the curriculum of the other souls you connect with, and how do you influence each other’s learning and pathway in this lifetime?

It all starts at the very beginning of life, and unfolds throughout pregnancy, before we officially begin our life in the outside world.

Join Clare and Randine on this journey as they go deep into the intricacies of the psyche, the soul, life purpose and the glory of the Dao, and how this information can be used to understand the stages of pregnancy from a different perspective.

Dr Randine Lewis is a practitioner based in Asheville, NC, USA. Randine leads transformative practitioner retreats around the world, and mentors students via her website CEFP – Clinical Excellence Fertility Professionals. Her fertility program and work with patients is found at www.thefertilesoul.com You can find Randine’s continuing professional development webinars at www.healthyseminars.com//bio/randine-lewis