HQ 54 Business Mindset with Hamish Reid and Sohial Farzam

What is it that makes the difference between a clinic that is struggling financially and one that is thriving? What are some of the key things that any practitioner can implement in their clinics in order to get better outcomes for their patients AND also help their own bottom line?

In this episode, Clare and Phiona are joined by Hamish Reid and Sohial Farzam to discuss the ins and outs of having a Business Mindset. Covering topics such as acupuncture treatment dosage, patient expectations and goals, and different ways of discussing challenging patient dynamics.

Hamish and Sohial are well known and respected in Australia for their excellent clinical skills, as well as their fabulous business skills. They generously share their expertise in seminars on a range of clinical and business related topics.

They have just released their new book “In Demand – The Health Professionals Guide to a Winning Practice” on running a successful practice. There is a pre-release special price for Australian practitioners, you can purchase the book with this release pricing on this link here.