HQ 51 Palpation in Chinese Medicine with Dan Bensky

In this episode with Dan Bensky we discuss the intricacies of palpation, his insights around palpating the San Jiao, and how refining your palpation skills can assist with your diagnosis, your acupuncture choices, and better inform your herbal prescriptions. Inspired by his background in osteopathy and craniosacral methods, Dan brings the classics of ancient acupuncture descriptions to life using the osteopathic approach to help bridge the gap in the practical hands on palpatory learning of acupuncture.

Dan Benksy has a diploma in Chinese medicine from Macau institute of Chinese medicine, and a PhD from the China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences. He also has a Doctor of Osteopathy. He practices in Seattle and you can find his clinic here. (www.danbensky.com).

Dan has authored and co-authored many important Chinese medicine texts including the Shanghai Acupuncture text, Chinese medicine material medica, and Chinese Herbal medicine formulas and strategies.



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