HQ 50 Chinese herbal classics and dosage with Simon Feeney

  • How do dosage ratios and cooking methods help avoid adverse reactions to many herbs and formulas?
  • How many grams can or should you use of Chai Hu in XCHT? What about 125g?

Simon Feeney takes us on a journey from 20yrs ago, when he met a monk who became his friend and teacher. This monk introduced Simon to herbal medicine, inspiring his studies in Chinese medicine and the Shang Han Za Bing Lun.

Simon’s investigations into classical Chinese herbal dosages, with the help of ancient texts, has led to some really interesting and useful insights. Yielding strong clinical results, as well as some funny stories of passion and effort.

  • Have you heard Simon puts more Gui Zhi and Sheng Jiang in his porridge than you do in your Gui Zhi Tang?


Simon’s clinic is Empirical Health and is based in Port Macquarie, in NSW Australia.

He has just released a Shang Hang Za Bing Lun app called “Chinese Medicine Classics” to help you with his immense herbal knowledge, and passion for clinical results with Chinese herbal medicine.

You can also check out Simon’s exceptional classical herbal range of Sans (powders), Wans (real honey pills) and Tangs at Empirical Health, and his high quality range of organic herbs.

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