HQ 48 Acupuncture in Pregnancy and Obstetrics with Debra Betts

Have you heard the Chinese saying that a pregnant woman should read beautiful poetry, and no one should deliver bad news to her?

In this episode we discussed all things pregnancy related with Debra Betts – including the merits of this old superstitious advice.

We covered everything from the basics of pregnancy, and forbidden points, through to some more complicated scenarios around inducing labour, and the rise of gall bladder attacks during pregnancy in modern times.

For further information – about Debra’s clinic work and her patient handoutsinformation about the acupuncture training for midwives, and the online Masters course for acupuncturists.

Here are some further resources that Debra has kindly provided for you to download:

Acupuncture RCT

Final Luteal phase

Inducing Labour

Maternity Acupuncture

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