About Us

The calling of Chinese Medicine has led both Phiona and Clare into more than a decade of clinical practice and ongoing education in a range of areas and modalities relating to energetic medicine, conscious body movement, spiritual development, and healing.

In addition to supporting the health of our patients, we are also passionate about supporting the health of our Chinese medical profession and all its practitioners. We have created this podcast as a way to connect with practitioners around the world, to invite you to share in the type of conversations that we have every day in our group practice. We realise that working in a group practice is quite a privilege and honour, that too few of us experience. Our intention is to create a feeling of connection and colleagiality as an antidote to the professional isolation that so many of us have. With the unique concepts and ideas that underpin our clinical approach, Chinese medicine practitioners have a unique language that we can share with each other. Our podcast is designed especially for us, as Chinese medicine practitioners, in the common language of Qi, Yin and Yang that we all speak.

We want to bring to our listeners a taste of the experience of “talking shop” in between patients, the funny yin/yang in-jokes we come up with whilst brushing past each other in the dispensary, and more in depth discussions around all things relating to clinical practice.

We hope you enjoy listening to our weekly conversations! Please give us your feedback so we know what you like, what you want more of, and even suggesting topics that would be of interest to you.

With love,


Dr. Clare Pyers practices Chinese Medicine, Integrative Medicine and Nutrition and runs a multi-practitioner clinic called Discover Chinese Medicine in Melbourne, Australia. She has 4 practitioners on staff and is passionate about the development of the Chinese Medical industry. She has recently published a book that integrates chinese medical diagnostics with pathology. Dr Clare has also produced an app called TCM Pathology Guide to help you translate western pathology results into TCM diagnostic framework.

You can find Clare’s book Integrative TCM Guide to Pathology at her website www.clarepyers.com
You can download Clare’s app here in the iTunes store

Clare practices at Discover Chinese Medicine in Melbourne, Australia: www.discovertcm.com.au

Dr. Phiona Gitsham practices Chinese Medicine, Integrative Medicine with Nutrigenomics, Shamanic Counseling and works with patients worldwide over Skype through her new business Cultivate My Health. She is also available for practitioners who would like some support with integrating Chinese Medicine for patients with genetic mutations in the methylation field. Dr Phiona is passionate about cultivating health, consciousness and the relationship between genetics and cultivating jing qi, and how we can positively influence human evolution. Phiona was working at Clare’s clinic for the past few years, but has recently re-located in Boulder, Colorado USA and soon will be setting up a clinic there for local Acupuncture patients.

You can find Phiona at www.cultivatemyhealth.com